Tonewood: Select Curly Koa (Hawaii)

Back: Cocobolo

Sides: Canarywood with lamination of Peruvian Walnut

Sound hole rosette: Crushed turquoise and abalone shell inlay with plugs made from a variety of exotic hardwoods.

Custom side sound hole – letting the player hear more volume

Neck: Mahogany with carbon fiber rod for bracing.

Fingerboard: Rosewood with crushed turquoise and abalone shell dots

Peg Head: Select Koa  

Tuners: Gotoh geared machine tuners

Strings: Aquila (Italian) tenor ukulele strings

Scale: 17"

# Frets: 20

Body length: 13.5"

Width at lower bout: 10.5"

Body depth: 2 1/4"

Koa Tenor Tele-Uke

  • Snark Ukulele tuner

    6 Coats hand-rubbed oil finish

    Padded Carry bag

    Extra set of strings

    Felt ukulele pick